The Do’s and Dont’s of Fitness



  • Drink lots of water.
  • Pace yourself and your exercise program.
  • Say yes to fruits and veggies.
  • Eat three or five small meals a day.
  • Explore different exercises - running, swimming, yoga, Pilates, etc.
  • Try to switch your old food to healthier options.
  • Avoid fast food and deep fried food.
  • Know the line between fitspo and thinspo - you want to be motivated, not depressed.


  • Drink only soda or juice. (if you want juice, stay away from juice cocktails)
  • Exhaust yourself.
  • Starve yourself.
  • Expect results immediately.
  • Lose weight just to look like someone else.
  • Eat out of boredom, anger, or stress.
  • Skip breakfast.

Brazilian Butt Workout




We all want a nice butt to make our skinny jeans look good.  Try out this butt workout to tighten, tone and lift your butt!

20 Squats


20 Plie Squats


20 Donkey Kicks per side


20 Fire Hydrants per side


20 Circling Donkey Kick per side


30 Alternating Split Jumps


30 Alternating Sliders


30 Hips Lifts


20 Lunges Kicks per side


Do this 3x through for an awesome butt workout!  I know your buns will be burning by the end of this


Try this

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Can’t afford the trip down to Florida to swim with the dolphins? Swim with these dolphin-esque bananas instead.

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Vegan Chocolate Lava Cakes / Recipe

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Harry is fucking hardcore…

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Perfect post-run. Too good to be legal, ugh

I have this every day after a workout

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Positive distraction inspiration positive words

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you are not fat
you have fat 
you also have fingernails 
you are not fingernail 

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Avocados are filled with healthy fats that can help burn fat! Chuck them in salads or use it as a baking substitute!

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ok so basically I decided to make a get fit masterpost wich is gonna include diet/healthy eating tips, workout tips, inspiration and so on. I’ve been wanting to get fit for so long but somehow ive never fully finished my goal because of my lack of motivation and ideas on what i can do next because doing the same thing all the time gets boring in the end. I’m not a professional but I’ve been working out for over a year and I take health classes so i know some basic information.

I allow myself to have one day where i can eat sweets or “unhealthy” food without it ruining my goal, just don’t overdo it, and if you have cravings and you still wanna keep your diet you can cut up some carrots and cucumber, celery or some other fruit/vegetables you’d like, nuts is also a good choice to eat as a snack.

PS drink lots of water!!

Healthy food eating tips:

If you wanna loose weight or get fit it’s important to watch what you eat because its not only about the calories you burn during workouts its also what you decide to put in your body that makes the whole picture.

Healthy breakfast tips:

Most of us have school or work to go to wich means its gonna be early mornings where’s its easier to grab a cup of coffee then leave, therefore it’s important to make sure you have something fast you can eat for breakfast. I know a lot of people think “breakfast being the most important meal” is overrated but its true because what you start your day with has a lot to say on your energy and concentration during the day.

you should make sure you have something quick you can eat during your stressful mornings.

fruits is a simple yet good choice for a fast breakfast, you can either mix some of your favorite fruits in a bowl or in a yoghurt. I prefer eating an avocado or cut up a banana to put in my cereal.

and if you’re one of those who takes yourself good times in the morning you can make oatmeal (it should be a recipe on how to make oatmeal on the pagage of it if you’ve never made it.) an omelet, scrambled eggs or healthy pancakes.

recipe for healthy pancakes
recipe for omelet (its also good to put vegetables in your omelet like tomato for example)

healthy lunch tips

If you’re in a rush in the mornings like I am you should make your lunch the night before so you can grab it and go.

Chicken salad ( my own recipe ayyy)

1 chicken filet
1 tomato
1 avokado
1/2 salad head
1 portion healthy pasta (im norwegian idk what its called in english)
1/3 cocumber
roast your chicken in oil ( oil is healthier than roasting it in butter)
when it’s done you just cut it in pieces like you want it ( make sure its not bloody in side it means its not done)
you can cut the vegetables like you want yourself and when you’re done mix the vegetables, the pasta and the chicken together in a bowl and put plastic over it and put it in the fridge.

you have more than one lunch in this recipe so you can take it to lunch for 2 days or make it a dinner too.

recipes for healthy lunch tips here

x    x   

after workout its important you eat foods with proteins unless you drink protein shakes or eat protein bars.

food that includes proteins that it’s easy for you to make or find in your supermarkets are eggs, cottage cheese ( i cut up fruits like apples, bananas, oranges and mix it with cottage cheese), oatmeal, nuts, chicken, fish, yoghurt and other dairy products, broccoli, spinach.

Workout tips

personal workout schedule


5 minutes fast walking to warm up my body, 10 minutes with jogging, 5 minutes intervals ( run as fast as you can for 30 secounds, rest for 30 seconds and do this 4 times since you’ve just begun, the more your body is used to work out the more you can add like i do it for 8 times in a row now)


10x3 situps

10x3 pushups

15x3 squats

20x3 fast knees

40 secounds plank x 2

10x3 lunges

and as i said the more you work out the more you can add on so this is a good start and you know with yourself how much your body can take and don’t give in just because it hurts because you’re gonna feel so good about yourself knowing you pushed yourself alright :)

here’s some other workout tips for strenght

x / x / x / x / x / x

if you have a gym membership you have other work out opportunities and you know with your own body how much you can take but on everything i do i take 10x3 2 or 3 times it depends on how long time i have on working out if i have homework and so on.

work out music

my playlist

and if you have spotify you can find a workout playlist here x

i hope this gave u something, this is what i do and it’s gonna take some time to see progress don’t worry you’ll make it if you set your mind to it! :) xoxo Linda

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