This Could Be Us But You Playing…

and ιn тнe end, we’re all jυѕт нυмanѕ.. drυnĸ on тнe ιdea тнaт love, only love, coυld нeal oυr вroĸenneѕѕ

goodвye мay ѕeeм lιĸe ғorever, ғarewell ιѕ lιĸe тнe end, вυт ιn мy нearт ιѕ a мeмory & тнere yoυ’ll alwayѕ вe.

Goodnight Lovelies x -Kim

Add veggies to breakfast.

A Healthy Frozen Food!

Anonymous asked:
kim i didn't eat breakfast

Brah, you gotta eat breakfast. It’s so important! 

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